This is the story so far

Most of you will never have heard of the Karillapig until now. That’s okay, even the prime minister hasn’t heard of the Karillapig. Not even your parents, or even the nosey neighbour who claims to have ‘our best interest at heart’ hasn’t heard of the Karillapig, nor indeed have teachers – and we all know teachers have heard of everything – except the Karillapig, the Hippobuffafrog or the Lamp Dwellers…… I’m going on, getting ahead of myself, let’s get back to the story. #karillapigblog michellekidsquotes Click on Kpig news.

The facts:
1. The Karillapig is from the dark side of the moon.
2. The Karillapig is here on earth in protest at the fake moon landings.
3. The Karillapig took it upon himself to come to earth – there were meetings being held by the ‘moon union’ ARSC- (Association for Random Space Critters everywhere) …. However, in true union style, these meetings went on and on and on and on…. So, the Karillapig decided to just crack on…
4. ARSC- (that’s another on-going story) live up to their name – just saying…see
5. So, the Karillapig is here on earth and experiencing our strange ‘earthly’ ways.
6. *Note – not many people can see the Karillapig, so if you do see him, sleep sound in the knowledge that you are indeed a very special person. #michellegraham #markrowe