My name is Michelle Graham.

The end….. 

Of course not!

About a million years ago when I was a kid, my sister and I used to make up stories (with the help of elders – Mick Burrows).

I know what you’re thinking; your thinking “oh how the hours must have flown by”, but fly by they did.  Certainly looking back as the (ahem) civilised adult I have become, it is with fond memories that I recall my first encounters with the ‘Karillapig’ #karillapigblog.

The ‘Karillapig’ is the character we invented.  There are many more characters who make up the stories, but another important character from our childhood is the Karillapigs’ partner in crime – welcome to the ‘Hippobuffafrog’.

A few years ago I began working for an organisation, and it was during the endless hours enduring mind-numbing team meetings that I began to develop stories.

First came the illustrations which have later been adapted by the mighty Mark Rowe.  Then came the stories.

The stories are all very much tongue in cheek, and are partly based on my experience in childhood, work and life.  Obviously not all the stories are based on my experiences – given that Karillapig is from the dark side of the moon – a place I have yet to visit!

I am told I have always had an imagination.   This is my normal.  I believe in the power of imagination, and that life doesn’t have to be so serious all the time.  My motto could be:

“if you can dream it, you can do it”  and then pair up with an amazing illustrator and make silly stories”….

My vision for Karillapig?  Well I would simply like people to read the stories.

Michelle x 

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Hi I am Mark Rowe artist and illustrator for the Karillapig stories. Since being a little child I have always drawn everything and anything. My favourite comics every week were the world famous Beano and Dandy.  I spent my childhood drawing Biffo the Bear and Desperate Dan and friends. Check out the links on Pinterest 

It was my ambition to become a cartoonist and draw for the Beano.  Sadly school, college then work got in the way. But it did not stop me drawing. During my working life I have designed calendars for work using caricatures of my friends and colleagues. They always went down well.

Now its silly time with the fantastic Karillapig and friends from the intergalactic world.  These days the Karillapig even shows up in PowerPoint presentations.

Meeting Michelle has been great her zany take on life is a breath of fresh air. Helping put the Karillapig stories into pictures is great fun and I hope you like the stories and the pictures that go with it. Some of the gallery is of random things that tickled me or Michelle. Hope these bring a smile to your face.

Thanks to all the Kids who have sent in drawings some of which we have featured Let us know what you think good or bad get in touch. If it’s good give us a thumbs up on social media. If it’s bad ask for my private email and…I will reply #markrowe #michellekidsquotes  #karillapig