Our year of mayhem and fun 2023

Here we go what a fun fantastic year we had. Thanks to you all. 

Well folks this was our first full year at the Karillapig Studios as published authors! Thanks to our publisher Austin Macauley https://www.austinmacauley.com/author/graham-michelle The Adventures of the Karillapig was shown at New York and London International book fairs in 2023.

What a fantastic year it has the been.  The Adventures of the Karillapig is still causing mayhem @Amazon as we are in the top 500 books in the kids comic section (just click the link) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Adventures-Karillapig-Michelle-Graham/dp/139843812X  this is thanks in no small part to the amazing support from our fans, family and friends.  As the year comes to an end book two is out in print.  “The Tremendous Travels and Intergalactic Misgivings of the Karillapig”.  More chaos fun and frolics  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tremendous-Travels-Intergalactic-Misgivings-Karillapig/dp/

We love silly at the Karillapig washing up bowl studios. Lots of people joined in with our International, Intergalactic Silly Day on 28th February 2023.  We hope that 2024 will be an even bigger event.  A big shout out goes to our funny man “Gavman Art “and his quirky short homemade videos. He makes us laugh so much we devoted a full Pinterest Board to his amazing illustrations, check them out here:- https://www.pinterest.co.uk/a94b1c8be7bc42e8d7dfe4e77cddb4/gavman-1/  .

Then it was onwards and upwards we went to Caster Cliffe Academy in Nelson during March for World Book Day and did a full day of storytelling and drawing with some amazing pictures of Monsters and Creatures from Outer Space, drawn by the fantastic children.  The staff even put the kettle on for us, @SHINEatCPA   

How do you follow the exciting visit to Caster Cliffe?  Well our invitation to the Hong Kong Group in Birmingham was a wonderful day out.  We meet lots of people from Hong Kong and their really well-behaved children. We did have a little difficulty in understanding Chinese, but this was easily overcome with help from our Moon Interpreter and lots of space critter drawings.  Thank you, Matt Pointon, from the TUC Midlands who invited us down to this amazing event. https://www.tuc.org.uk/tuc-midlands .

Then it was BBQ time and the big charity event of the summer East Lancashire Mark Masons where the children helped us draw Spaceships and Moon Critters and we had a really nice lunch, with a cup of Tea.

We rounded the year off with working with our publisher for the Christmas launch of our second book.  So, in 2024 if you “Put the Kettle on” we will be there. Enjoy our website please buy our books and send us your pictures and who knows you  may appear in our gallery.  

Thanks for the universal and galactic support from family and friends.

Love you all xx

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