Nail-biting weekly update live from A.R.S.C (Assosiation for Random Space Critters) the Moon Union….

A.R.S.C.  The Moon Union Up-date….

Kired is still heading the meeting discussing the travesty that is Earth critters claiming to have landed on the moon.

*discussions have been going on for 50+ years.  By the usual A.R.S.C the moon unions standards, this is great progress.

So far, a new meeting date has been set.  A pre-meet is planned to discuss what will be discussed in the meeting.  The next meeting will be about this meeting, though the previous meeting will need a re-visit, so another meeting date is set to discuss the meeting about that meeting.

Other important issues have been raised. 

1. the quality of the biscuits is not up to scratch.

2. there are reports emerging that A.R.S.C members are thinking for themselves and disregarding the rule about ‘being told what to think’.

There will be two meetings to discuss this.  Both meetings will have pre-meetings, closely followed by a ‘free-for-all-you-can-eat’ conference…….followed by a meeting.

Kired still wants a statue of himself erecting.  The moon pigeons continue to revolt.

*Kired has fallen in love with a fried egg.



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