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Merry Xmas and an apple in your ear! #karillapig

Well its been a funny old year what with all the lockdowns but we have carried on.  We wish you and your family a very… “Merry Christmas new year and a merry happiness apple in your ear….”.

Well we did  say the Karillapig loves silly. 

So as we enter into 2022 we can tell you the book has been finalised and the sequel is being put together with the theme of ultimate chaos on Earth and the Moon.

Speak soon put the kettle on. 

The Adventures of the Karillapig.

Well folks its here the moment you have been waiting for Ta Dah!  We have been away for a little while whilst we worked on the book project . But now the Karillapig team are proud to announce we have written the book. With more Moon critters, more drawings and more story. We now have a publisher and the paperback will come out in the new year. What could possibly go wrong?


Stories of the Karillapig by Michelle

Read my stories from the beginning of the Karillapigs great adventures or read the latest blog.

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"the Karillapig lived in my world when I was young. As young children we made stories up about its adventures and friends" #michellekidsquotes
“The Karillapig now lives in my head 24 hours a day what a cool dude. I love drawing him and all the alien creatures and friends" #karillapigblog

Enjoy the stories let us know what you think

Images: Mark and Michelle #michellekidsquotes #karillapigblog #markrowe #skoolholidayclub