The little guy who lives on the moon

Read about the kpigs adventures on earth and the moon. The new book in the shops 28th February 2022

Stories by Michelle Graham writer and blogger
Illustrated by Mark Rowe cartoonist and Illustrator

Karillapig the little guy from the Moon

Ta Dar! Its here The Adventures of the Karillapig all his exciting adventures in one book. You can pre order it from Austin Macauley 


Thanks to the amazing support from family and friends.

Love you all xx

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The author Michelle Graham

The Adventures of the Karillapig. Publisher Austin Macauley.

We love silly at the Karillapig washing up bowl studios. Lots of people joined in with the first International, Intergalactic silly day on 

28th February 2022

See the Gallery below for some of  those lucky enough to have the book.

Kired in love

 We have created a short love story video of Kired. Watch it now join in the fun send us you comments and space critter pictures.  


Stories of the Karillapig by Michelle

Read my stories from the beginning of the Karillapigs great adventures or read the latest blog.
We love silly at Karillapig studios we hope you do too.

Moon Director


Check out the latest pictures of the Karillapig and friends. With intergalactic silly day coming up we want you to send in a picture of your favourite character.


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"the Karillapig lived in my world when I was young. As young children we made stories up about its adventures and friends" #michellekidsquotes
“The Karillapig now lives in my head 24 hours a day what a cool dude. I love drawing him and all the alien creatures and friends" #karillapigblog

Enjoy the stories let us know what you think

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